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Q: How do I know if I need a water treatment system?

There are several indicators that should alert you to the symptoms of marginal water condition. HIGH IRON and LOW pH levels are present in  many homes that use well water, and it can result in reddish-brown and yellow staining of clothing and household appliances. Different iron counts can result in various degrees of staining, however the problem can worsen over time. We use a combination of softeners along with our filtration system, depending on the severity of the problem. Blue-green stains result from high copper counts, which commonly come from corroded plumbing pipes. This can be treated as well, and is a priority due to it's staining, harsh taste and poor quality.

HARD WATER is a problem common to many households using city water systems. Toilet and sink stains, faded clothing and dry skin from clogged pores are obvious indicators of hard water. This is caused by high levels of certain minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. Excessive counts of these can cut down on the efficiency and longevity of household appliances, and leave dark brown or black stains. The hard water problem can be rectified with our premier water softener for the permanent solution, whereas the addition of chemicals is only a temporary fix.

Unwanted TASTES in tap water are usually caused by heavy doses of minerals dissolved in the water. These mineral levels are measured as "Total Dissolved Solids," or TDS. Different minerals in you water can create different tastes, none of which are appealing. Although not harmful to your health, it does not make for a refreshing afternoon thirst quencher. Our filtration system removes these minerals, and leaves you with the delicious water that you've been missing! Call us for a free water test!

Foul ODORS in water systems are generally caused by hydrogen sulfide, which can interact with water at the beginning of the system, before it enters the house. This property gives the water a bad odor as well as a brash taste. In some cases, all that is needed is a good carbon filter setup to alleviate this problem.

Finally, CONTAMINANTS are the worst form of impurity that a water system can endure. These harsh properties such as organic chemicals, nitrates, lead and parasites can cause lingering illnesses, as well as lead to kidney failure, cancer, and other serious health problems. If you would like more information on these contaminates along with their documented health concerns, email us and we will provide you with a link to an elaborated discussion on this topic.

*Note: Houses older than 20 years may have higher lead counts than normal. Although not all do, it is wise to have your water system checked if you haven't before!
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