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Our Water Filtration System

Our water treatment system will put your water through a purification process, neutralizing the ph levels and iron counts, as well as removing foul tastes and odors. You will be left with a soft water which looks, tastes and feels the way that clean water should. Clothes, skin and household appliances are saved from long-term harmful effects of hard-water.

These are the filters we use in our system. The filter on top is new, the bottom filter is what came out!

Common issues / complains that may point to an issue with your water:

Foul odors caused by sulfides
Unwanted tastes caused by excess minerals
Hard water stains in appliances, sinks & tubs
High Iron & low pH levels cause staining
Dry skin caused by hard water
Contaminants (poses health risks)

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a water treatment system! Making sure that the company is licensed and insured is a must before you choose who will do work in your home. You also want to have peace of mind that the work and products are guaranteed with a solid warranty, and that the staff is qualified to do the job right.
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